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We’ve just celebrated our 6th birthday and we are giving ourselves a new website.
"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again."

A full-service creative communications agency

Insana is an integrated communications agency specializing in healthcare with a strong expertise in digital marketing. While offering a complete range of cross-media professional and creative services (from planning to execution) we focus on strategy and ideas, helping companies and brands to effectively interact with people (both consumers and HCPs) by playing the art of creating integrated media experiences and loyal connections. That’s where value comes from, we believe. Our campaigns are designed around our customers goals and driven by our audiences behaviors. Competence, care, competitiveness and cost effectiveness are our milestones. We're a small smart independent agency based in Milan (Italy) and Valencia (Spain). Dynamic enough to offer a wide range of quality services. Solid enough to guarantee a deep competence and knowledge of a challenging industry.

“Mens insana in corpore sano”.

Velocity takes courage, focus and determination, but gives back efficiency and rewards
intuition, iteration and gutsiness.


We offer a wide range of services. For most of our clients providing a full suite, for others just a subset, focusing on digital strategy. We believe best practices come from integration of media/solutions and are able to partnering with other agencies, overseeing specific skills and sharing goals on different capabilities. We love creativity and innovation and know that everything is in the execution. That’s where excellence comes from.